About Us


Maximus Top Accessories is a leading producer , which is operating in the automotive hardtops & accessories industry successfully more than 10 years. As per its mission and vision, being stable and at the same time being innovative in terms of products and services, Maximus  has become an important player in the global automotive accessories industry by being one of the unique suppliers which is able to provide all types of automotive accessories.

The main business of Maximus is the production and sales of high quality hard tonneau covers and canopy shells such as Sportlid, Fullbox, Canopy, Starbox and etc. for pickup trucks and automotive accessories for pickups vehicles.

Maximus also widened its exports activities by supplying its goods to over ten different countries such as Turkey ,UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and etc. in the recent years.  The aim of Maximus is to spread its sales and services to more customers in different countries in the following years according to its international sales strategy by proving high level of customer satisfaction.